Come Hear Me Ramble

I was selected to speak at Cleveland Day of .NET!

I’ll be speaking at the Cleveland Day of .NET on May 17th. If you’ve heard of this inversion of control and/or dependency injection stuff and would like to hear more, by all means come on up to sunny Cleveland! Here’s the abstract for my talk:

The old adage states that the only thing that remains constant is change, and nowhere is this more true than in software development. In this presentation, Nate Kohari describes how to apply the principles of inversion of control and dependency injection to create software that can adapt to changing requirements. Learn to break your monolithic app into loosely-coupled, highly-cohesive pieces… then glue them back together with an inversion of control container to create ultra-flexible code that you can bend to your will.

If you’ve never used dependency injection, this talk should prove to be a good introduction, and I’ll be happy to answer any and all questions. Or, if you’re already experienced with dependency injection, come see how Ninject can free you from the pain of XML!

Also, I’m still relatively new to public speaking, so there’s always the chance that I’ll completely choke and you can throw tomatoes. What’s more fun than that?