Ninject Forever

Ninject 2.0 is live!

I’m happy to announce that after quite a while in beta, Ninject 2 is finally official! It was actually one year ago today that I announced the beta version of Ninject 2. I had originally planned to release no later than March of last year, but in the meantime I had this crazy idea to launch a startup.

As you might imagine, I quickly found that running a business has a tendency to sap your free time.

Fortunately, after Ninject laid dormant for a bit and I was conspicuously absent on the user group, Ian Davis contacted me to offer his help. Ian was a user of Ninject since way back (when it was still called Titan), had committed patches, written extensions, and had more or less taken over answering questions on the group in my absence.

So, please join me in a officially welcoming Ian Davis as co-maintainer of Ninject! Without his help, we probably wouldn’t have made it to an official 2.0 release, at least for another year or two. :)

Note: Ninject 2 is a ground-up rewrite of Ninject 1, and as such, there are some breaking changes. We’re still working on getting the documentation migrated over (along with upgrade guides), but you can see a quick overview of the differences on the Ninject 2 wiki. I’d strongly recommend upgrading, because no future work will be done on the Ninject 1 line, other than critical bug fixes.

The official source repositories for both Ninject 1.5 (the final version of the Ninject 1 line) and Ninject 2.0 are on Github:

The subversion repository on Google Code has been discontinued for awhile, and will be removed soon. You can also grab binaries from the shiny, newly-redesigned website. (Now with even more ninja references!)

Thanks to everyone that uses Ninject, and thanks for your patience as we scrounged the time to get this release out the door! As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to post them in the user group.

Note: the title of the post comes from James Avery, who had taken to calling Ninject 2 “Ninject Forever,” in reference to Duke Nukem Forever. At least we finally released something! :)